100th day of school writing activities for first grade

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100th day of school writing activities for first grade

The th Day of School Posted by mrsackley on February 3, In early elementary, the th day of school is a huge deal! The hype is real. The kids are out-of-their-minds excited.

100th day of school writing activities for first grade

When it comes to planning for the th day, there are an abundance of creative ideas on Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, etc. This year, I tried to pick th day activities that my first graders had not already participated in as kinders.

Setting the Stage The kids were greeted at the door with a th day of school bracelet before they walked through our classroom entry-way. The bracelets were purchased through Oriental Trading Company.

Their morning work consisted of writing their numbers to In years past, we have allowed students to dress as if they were years old. The past two years, we have opted to allow students to wear th day shirts or bring a project. Here are a few of the creative ideas displayed on the th day: Each student had a chance to explain why and how they decorated their project.

I loved hearing where their creative ideas came from. It was also neat to hear students praise the projects and shirts created by others.

Battle Ship To say we had fun would be an understatement. Each student hid a ship that was 5 numbers, 4 numbers, 3 numbers, and 2 numbers long somewhere on the chart by coloring in the numbers of their choosing.

Students marked every number that I called out with a big X. The student who survived the longest won the game. I could write the expanded form of a number on the board, and students would know to put an X on the corresponding number.

The options are limitless. Where has this game been all of my life? This game can be downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers. Their ideas regarding life as an elderly version of themselves are hilarious.

Students think-pair-shared regarding things they would do, wear, and say as an year-old. Then, the students wrote independently while I called students to my teacher table in order to guide their editing and revising process.

Then, we used stickers, fruit loops, beads, and shapes to decorate the hat with items total. It was all the same to the kids. In one classroom, students performed th day exercises.

In another, students made a snack that consisted of pieces. In a third classroom, the students decorated themselves as if they were years old. In another class, the students read a book about the th day of school and colored a picture that corresponded. The students loved all of these rotations.

Once the money was located, the students brought it to the carpet, and we used skip-counting strategies to count all of the different bills. Then, the students got the privilege of re-hiding the bills for the next class to find. Honestly, hiding the money was their favorite aspect of the scavenger-hunt rotation.

All in all, the th and st days were both overwhelming successes. The kids had a lot of fun celebrating the fact that they had conquered days of school!

100th day of school writing activities for first grade

I think all of the teachers that survived the th day of school might agree, though utterly exhausted, the kids are worth all of the time and effort put into making the th day of school an absolute blast!Grade K: The th Day of School activities This unit’s theme is “celebrating days of school” and includes a read-aloud story, vocabulary, listening/speaking skills, comprehension (finish a picture), listen for short vowel sounds, and more.

Feb 06,  · Every day during calendar we have been reading the book Emily’s First Days of School by Rosemary Wells. On Emily’s th day she told us how she can now read and write words. On Emily’s th day she told us how she can now read and write ashio-midori.com: Mrs.

Schmelzer's First Grade Class.

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In this th day activity, students complete several activities that help them count to and detail their experiences in school. Students create a mini book for the activity. This th Day of School Worksheet is suitable for 2nd - 3rd Grade. th Day of School Units & Printables Celebrating the th Day Unit, Arms & Legs Multilevel Reader and th Day Activity Kit, Happy Faces at School, and MORE!

(From the A to Z Teacher Stuff Store - Download Now!). Writing words is a week long challenge for our little day olds. We enlarge the worksheet from our th Day Hoopla unit onto 11 x 17" copy paper. We make a huge deal about stepping up to the th Day of School Challenge of writing words ~ 10 words per category.

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