A discussion of the environmental impact of tourism on antartica

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A discussion of the environmental impact of tourism on antartica

A common heritage to the benefit of mankind In the XVIth century, countries would make territorial claims around the world by planting a flag on an island or a whole continent, disregarding anything else. Those colonial times are well gone and a great chunk of the Earth's land doesn't have an official ownership and shall be just a common heritage for the benefit of all mankind.

This is not only fair, but also beneficial in a utilitarian perspective. We agree with mankind using the resources that we need in order to make a profit and provide economic boost.

A discussion of the environmental impact of tourism on antartica

Antartica would be no different here, with special provisions being taken in order to avoid major environmental impacts such a the cal for bids tat would take that into consideration plus the fact that the majority of Antartica is uninhabited by living species would mean that there would be no impact to them whatsoever.

In order to exploit Antartica's resources we would need to study and have a very specific framework such as the one provided by the Convention on Regulation of Antartic Mineral Resource Activities to proceed with the necessary ecological guidelines and in the future when technologies allow it to make it possible for resources such as gas and oil to be exploited such a now happens normally in the Artic.

Such as Russia and Canada have the Artic and they take advantage of its resources being under their territory, it would only be fair to the whole of humanity to gain an economic boost off a zone that is a heritage of all. For many poor states that are under grave economic conditions, they will be greatly benefited not only from the profit shares that they will acquire on these resources but also on the specific resources, since the scarcity of many minerals or fish has been a problem that may now no longer be for many of them.

It is not fair that our children will not get to enjoy the beautiful sights of icebergs and penguins. It is not utilitarian that—despite what the naive Proposition may say—realistically only few strong countries will exploit Antarctica.

A heritage should be protected and passed down on to future generations. The Proposition seems to believe that the problem of humanity is lack of resources.

They claim that poverty and underdevelopment and millions of people dying from lack of water all come from lack of resources. However, is that the real problem?

Every year billions of tons of food are thrown away. Every year millions of tons of water are wasted through leakage, carelessness and over usage.

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And without first establishing such system, it will not matter how much resource is gotten from Antarctica because the absolute majority of it will end up in the hands of few strong nations. The Proposition claims that with the help of UN all countries will have equal opportunities.

Exploitation of Antarctica requires highly advanced technology that can with stand the harsh conditions. Will second and third-rate countries who are unable to provide other the technology or the funding for such expensive high-tech operation be able to have a share of the pie at the end?

Even now we have abundant resources on one side of the globe. The problem is that they are not being distributed. And unless this fundamental problem is resolved first exploitation of Antarctica will only enrich the already rich.

The Proposition identified the wrong problem. A resource treasure for humanity All of the non-renewable resources including natural gas, oil and drinking water are finite and that means that we will run out of them someday, however Antartica could provide that extra boost that humanity needs to survive for many more years, and this great reserve shall be used in the future.

Oil is essential not only as a fuel but also for plastics, creams and many other goods tat are produced by it and so the great daily consumption tat it has has risked its existence, with some calculus estimating that in 10 years the supply will not be able to meet the demand and from there the reserves will drop dramatically, creating a chaos in human civilization.

Antartica could be the solution for that. Let's also take the example of drinking water. Millions of people have died in the lat years because of problems related to droughts and with environmental problems increasing, the situation will be worse soon, while the majority of drinking water reserves are actually found on the ice and believe me, Antartica has lots of it.

While we could save lives, we are not doing it for a childish whim of leaving Antartica untouched, just for the sake of it.

That is not only inhumane but also stupid. We could also mention minerals that are very scarce as rare sands but could be found here. Do we really prefer people freezing to death or dying because of droughts when Antartic resources could save them?

Tourism/ Environmental Impact Of Tourism On Antarctica term paper

Obviously, the answer is no No because Naturally as the Proposition identified the wrong problem, their solution is also misguided. Countries desperate for securing their own reserves and resources will fight over who gets the most share and the stronger ones will triumph in the end as always.

As they themselves admitted oil is a finite resource.Tourism has allowed many people who might not otherwise have the opportunity, to experience the wonders, and understand the importance, of Antarctica. Their experiences have led to a greater recognition in the wider community of the region's importance to the world.

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A discussion of the environmental impact of tourism on antartica

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The potential of tourism to impact on the marine environment is even greater than the potential impact on the land. The sinking of the MV Explorer near the South Shetland Islands in November highlighted the potentially disastrous human and environmental impacts of Antarctic tour operations. Antarctica Tourism - Human Impacts Threats to the Environment Antarctica doesn't have any "residents" everyone who goes is a visitor for a short time.

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