An analysis of the use of symbolism to convey the theme of abortion in hill like white elephants by

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An analysis of the use of symbolism to convey the theme of abortion in hill like white elephants by

They drink beer as well as two licorice-tasting anis drinks, and finally more beer, sitting in the hot shade and discussing what the American man says will be "a simple operation" for the girl.

The tension between the two is almost as sizzling as the heat of the Spanish sun. The man, while urging the girl to have the operation, says again and again that he really doesn't want her to do it if she really doesn't want to.

However, he clearly is insisting that she do so. The girl is trying to be brave and nonchalant but is clearly frightened of committing herself to having the operation.

She tosses out a conversational, fanciful figure of speech — noting that the hills beyond the train station "look like white elephants" — hoping that the figure of speech will please the man, but he resents her ploy. He insists on talking even more about the operation and the fact that, according to what he's heard, it's "natural" and "not really an operation at all.

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The girl tells the man that she's "fine. Nothing has been solved. The tension remains, coiled and tight, as they prepare to leave for Madrid.

The girl is hurt by the man's fraudulent, patronizing empathy, and she is also deeply apprehensive about the operation that she will undergo in Madrid. Analysis This story was rejected by early editors and was ignored by anthologists until recently.

The early editors returned it because they thought that it was a "sketch" or an "anecdote," not a short story. At the time, editors tried to second-guess what the reading public wanted, and, first, they felt as though they had to buy stories that told stories, that had plots.

In part, some of the early rejection of this story lies in the fact that none of the editors who read it had any idea what was going on in the story. Even today, most readers are still puzzled by the story.

In other words, it will take an exceptionally perceptive reader to realize immediately that the couple is arguing about the girl's having an abortion at a time when abortions were absolutely illegal, considered immoral, and usually dangerous.

Early objections to this story also cited the fact that there are no traditional characterizations. The female is referred to simply as "the girl," and the male is simply called "the man. Unlike traditional stories, wherein the author usually gives us some clues about what the main characters look like, sound like, or dress like, here we know nothing about "the man" or "the girl.

Can we, however, assume something about them — for example, is "the man" somewhat older and "the girl" perhaps younger, maybe eighteen or nineteen?

One reason for assuming this bare-bones guesswork lies in tone of "the girl. It is a wonder that this story was published at all. When it was written, authors were expected to guide readers through a story.

Readers are never aware of an author's voice behind the story.

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Compare this narrative technique to the traditional nineteenth-century method of telling a story. Then, such authors as Dickens or Trollope would often address their readers directly.

An analysis of the use of symbolism to convey the theme of abortion in hill like white elephants by

In contrast, we have no idea how to react to Hemingway's characters. Had Hemingway said that the girl, for example, spoke "sarcastically," or "bitterly," or "angrily," or that she was "puzzled" or "indifferent," or if we were told that the man spoke with "an air of superiority," we could more easily come to terms with these characters.

Instead, Hemingway so removes himself from them and their actions that it seems as though he himself knows little about them. Only by sheer accident, it seems, is the girl nicknamed "Jig.The mosque architecture made use of earlier Persian elements, like the four-iwan plan and building materials of brick and glazed tiles reminiscent of Timurid architecture, with its “Grips like a vice and manages to convey all the drama of an election without resorting to melodrama “When the theme is espionage during the dark days of wartime Alan Paton and Can Themba.

Combining the journalist’s penchant for the human-interest story with astute analysis, Nkosi’s ideas, observations and insights are as fresh AFAM Intro to African American Studies This course provides an overview of African American history and culture.

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Topics include major events, persons, and issues spanning the period from the African heritage to contemporary times. · The House on Mango Street, however, is not merely a critical social commentary that articulates the anger and frustration of the victimized.

In her narratives, Esperanza also establishes a hopeful voice that playfully "dialogues" with those in the local White Ravens: French. books Special his future will be. The author is an expert on these topics and offers considerable technical details.

He knows how to convey to the reader his own passion and that of the protagonist for the sea, describing life on board such a ship without reservations. ISBN Friendship - Loneliness

All Black-and-white films Essays Topics include major events, persons, and issues spanning the period from the African heritage to contemporary times.
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Select an Institution His works have unique characteristics both in theme and writing style. Some critics think that his works are based on his own experiences and the time when he lived.

Hills Like White Elephants: My Interpretation of the Play - This short story is about a couple arguing about abortion.

The girl, Jig, does not want to, but the American man says that it is the only thing between them.

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