Ashford mgt 460

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Ashford mgt 460

Find two articles in the Ashford Library to share with the class; one on ethical leadership practices and the other on unethical leadership practices. No rating Need for Change. Discuss a situation past or present when a leader refused to change their leadership style or did not recognize a need for change in order to achieve desired results.

What were the reasons for the change? What were the results? Discuss an instance when you identified a weakness in the skill set in an employee or in yourself. If you had limited financial resources, where would you look for training to close the gap on these skill sets?

How would the success of the training be measured?

Ashford mgt 460

They put a value on mentoring and coaching. Is one better suited for a particular situation than the other? What is your experience with coaching and mentoring?

No rating Building Trust. A pet project of top management has been given the green light. You are assigned the task of leading a cross-functional team that includes a 20 year veteran to the company, a recent college graduate and a wage employee.

What are the potential obstacles of your team? How would you ensure each individual felt like a vital member of the team? Summarize the steps you would take to build trust in leading this team. A co-worker has asked four colleagues, including yourself, to complete a degree feedback for them.

How would you provide constructive feedback to this person without causing any ill will between the two of you? Evaluate your options according to what you feel to be your chances for success. The first of six steps of performance management consists of goal setting, as detailed in Chapter Three.

Assume that you work for the Los Angeles Tribune, a large but struggling newspaper publisher with distribution throughout the Los Angeles region.

Various problems have arisen that need to be addressed: Discuss a time when you have been a member of a team that has not performed well. What steps should have been taken to address the issues?

In Chapter 4, London and London outline eight steps to creating and leading a high performance team. Assume you are the leader of one of the case studies in this chapter and discuss the method you would take to empower your team.

No rating Leading Organizational Change. Research several online industries that are currently stressed by changing marketplaces and demographics: Adaptive work is accomplished by finding a solution to seemingly intractable problems facing leaders; the solution is neither technical, nor obvious.

In an eight- to ten-page paper, discuss one significant organizational challenge, either past or present, within your organization or an organization you have researched.

How did the leadership of the organization address the challenge? Could it have been done more effectively?Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. MGT Week 5 1.

MGT Leadership Priorities & Practice 2. COURSE DESCRIPTION Leadership Priorities and Practice is a capstone course that requires students to reflect on and synthesize the major insights gained in their study of organizational management.

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