Challenges in oil gas industry

The oil and gas industry uses extensive environmental management plans to ensure all offshore operations are conducted safely and responsibly. Seismic surveys cannot begin when certain species are too close to the sound source.

Challenges in oil gas industry

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Our staff have extensive, worldwide experience within the energy sector industry. Our consistent standards of health management ensure the safe delivery of global operations of our clients. Our clinicians fully understand the obligations of the industry under The Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works First-Aid Regulations and subsequent amendments.

They also fully understand procedures surrounding an Integrated Offshore Emergency Response.

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Highly Experienced Doctors Our doctors have over 30 years combined work experience in the provision of Topside Medical Cover to the Oil and Gas Industry Highly Personal Service Our simplified model of service delivery means that you always speak to the same people and you have direct access to the people who matter Rapid Essential Feedback to the Company Over the years we have built good relationships and access to local and national hospitals, clinics and specialists.

This enables us to feed back efficiently to the company so that our clients can initiate management procedures early. As Medical Advisers to companies, our clinicians provide:ROC Health Services provides Oil and Gas companies with the industry-specific expert support needed in order to maintain employee health and prevent accidents, illness or loss of life.

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The day’s panels explored the challenges and opportunities shaping Western Canada’s oil and gas sector, and the panelists’ and attendees’ views on what is needed to resolve these issues to enable the industry to sustainably progress through and beyond the current crisis.

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Challenges in oil gas industry

So, the oil and gas industry is faced with the challenge to guarantee that their plants are dependable and have no unanticipated shutdowns.

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