Counter attack siegfried sassoon essay help

His father, Alfred Ezra Sassoon, was part of a wealthy Jewish merchant family, originally from Iran and India, and his mother part of the artistic Thorneycroft family. Siegfried had one older brother, Michael, born in Octoberand one younger brother, Hamo, born in His parents separated when he was very young, meaning that in his younger years he saw his father only rarely. Alfred died of consumption in

Counter attack siegfried sassoon essay help

Things seemed all right at first. We held their line, With bombers posted, Lewis guns well placed, And clink of shovels deepening the shallow trench. The place was rotten with dead; green clumsy legs High-booted, sprawled and grovelled along the saps And trunks, face downward, in the sucking mud, Wallowed like trodden sand-bags loosely filled; And naked sodden buttocks, mats of hair, Bulged, clotted heads slept in the plastering slime.

And then the rain began,—the jolly old rain!

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A yawning soldier knelt against the bank, Staring across the morning blear with fog; He wondered when the Allemands would get busy; And then, of course, they started with five-nines Traversing, sure as fate, and never a dud.

Mute in the clamour of shells he watched them burst Spouting dark earth and wire with gusts from hell, While posturing giants dissolved in drifts of smoke. He crouched and flinched, dizzy with galloping fear, Sick for escape,—loathing the strangled horror And butchered, frantic gestures of the dead.

An officer came blundering down the trench: Bombing on the right Down the old sap: And started blazing wildly Down, and down, and down, he sank and drowned, Bleeding to death. The counter-attack had failed.Sassoon wrote this poem during his First World War military service and published in his collection: “Counter-Attack and Other Poems” Form and style This poem is a lyric which contains of three stanzas each containing four lines.

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Interestingly, Sassoon was entitled to write the initials M.C. after his name.

counter attack siegfried sassoon essay help

What do these initials stand for? Siegfried Sassoon Homework Help Questions. Analyze the poem "They" by Siegfried Sassoon. This poem is a rather sardonic and cynical take on war; some might argue it is a realistic, rather than.

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Nov 15,  · (Full name Siegfried Lorraine Sassoon) English poet, novelist, autobiographer, diarist, and critic. The following entry presents an overview of Sassoon's career through One of . Sassoon’s view of the conflict is described as being ultimately futile; the first stanza already indicates that there are numerous ‘bulged, clotted heads’ scattered throughout, grotesque imagery that also provides an ominous undertone to the counter-attack.

counter attack siegfried sassoon essay help
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