Drug crime research papers


Drug crime research papers

Reports of drug related crime are common in the Philippines media mainly on news reports. The main concern tends to be towards Shabu or Methamphetamine which gets the most media attention. One of the most abused drugs in the Philippines is a local type of methamphetamine mixed with caffeine known as Shabu.

This is a powerfully addictive drug that can cause people to have intense hallucinations and become extremely paranoid. Methamphetamine causes feelings of euphoria and the user feels full of energy.

Some users of this drug have even jumped off high rise buildings because they believed they could fly. It does seem that illegal drug use is on the rise, and this has worrying implications for the future.

There is an urgent need to Drug crime research papers young people as to the dangers of drug use, and there is also a great need to help those who are already addicted to escape their misery.

Drug crime research papers

Failure to do this could mean there will be further deterioration within many Filipino communities. Looking back on the history of the locally named Shabu, it is said to be discovered in Japan in During World War II, methamphetamine is widely used as stimulants to keep the fighting men going.

And after World War II, when military surplus became available to the public, methamphetamine abuse became epidemic. In the s, legally manufactured tablets of methamphetamine became readily available and were used non-medically by college students, truck drivers, and athletes.

As use of methamphetamine spread, so did their abuse. Methamphetamine became a cure-all for such things as weight control to treating mild depression.

In the s, the route and degree of abuse changed dramatically with the increased availability of injectable methamphetamine.

In the s, the smokable form of methamphetamine, "ice," became available. Like crack cocaine, it is smoked in glass pipes, emitting no odor, with effects lasting for 12 hours or more. A single "pingi" or 0. One mongo-sized "gram" costs P1, — 2, Street meth is never pure, cut with a miscellany of substances, including talc or heroin.

The National Drug Law Enforcement and Prevention Center gives a conservative estimate of at leastdrug abusers, possibly over half a million. Another conservative estimate puts the number of addicts at one million. A question regarding how Methamphetamine is used will be discussed as well as the effects — short term and long term.

Methamphetamine stimulates release of excessive amounts of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is produced in the nerve cells of the ventral tegmental area and is concerned with pleasure regulation in the brain.

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Upon entering the nerve cell, meth stimulates release of dopamine which then binds to specialized receptors of other nerve cells creating the typical "rush.

The effects last up to - 4 to 16 hours. Meth users will have oral-dental problem wherein normal white teeth can change in a few months into twisted grayish-brown stubs that eventually fall out.

Incidents are extremely high in cases of addiction. Not to mention that globally it is a very common issue. The effects I mentioned before might not be familiar with you. To sum it up — the effects might be wondrous for a moment but not for long it will damage your body, risking your life.

Drug addiction should be taken as a serious problem. People going through this kind of situation should not be taken for granted. They should be guided and be surrounded of the people they love and love them.

Like other illnesses, drug addiction should be given attention especially those who are really trying their best to overcome such addiction, and for those who are still in the stage of addiction or being confused on what to do.The free Criminology research paper (Crime And Drug Use essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

If you need fresh and competent research / writing on Criminology, use the professional writing service offered by our company. The following table — Drugs and Crime Research Awards — shows awards made by NIJ for drugs and crime research projects.

Both ongoing and completed projects are included. Project titles for completed awards are linked to the substantive report submitted to NIJ at the completion of the project if. At the time of the offense. Drug-related crime; Offenders under the influence at the time of the offense; Drug-related crime.

In , 17% of state prisoners and 18% of federal inmates said they committed their current offense to obtain money for drugs. Download file to see previous pages impact of drug use on crime one has to identify the link between possession, manufacture, and distribution of certain drugs and crime (MacCoun, Kilmer, & Reuter, ).

Also, substance abuse contributes to criminal activity. In this paper, I will be studying the relationship between drug use and criminal activity. Southern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC Research Papers Graduate School A Comprehensive Analysis of the Drug-Crime Relationship Michael A.

Powell. Peer Commentary.

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Drugs and Crime - Research Paper Additionally, one study found that overdose deaths following incarceration were lower when someone received medications for addiction while incarcerated.
External Resources One of the main reasons behind stopping the distribution of drugs is the fact that the use of drugs is directly related to crime.



Treating the Problem John A. Aquilano Rochester Institute of Technology. It was clearly established in Panko's paper that there is a link between childhood conduct problems and adult criminality; however, there is quite a bit of mystery as to how children could be treated for conduct disorder before they become predisposed toward criminality.

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