How to do something fun

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How to do something fun

We can use our utilities, of course, but nothing extra such as a rented online movie. Meanwhile, many readers have asked for a master list of all of these ideas. Another productive way to spend that time is by working on your own business. Check out the community calendar.

Stop in and check out what they have to offer.

How to do something fun

Get involved in community sports. Many towns have community sports fields where both youth and adult sports leagues and activities are regularly going on throughout the weekend.

Stop by, watch a game or two, and if something intrigues you, look into joining either as a participant or as a volunteer. Listen to some podcasts. Podcasts are perhaps the best free entertainment out there: Here are some more board games that are great for groups. Bake a loaf of homemade bread.

Ever wish you knew how to juggle?

How to do something fun

Once you know how to juggle, you can always win a smile. All you really need is an old pan to catch the used oil and a funnel to refill the oil tank and pour the old oil back into the canisters for later disposal. Invite some friends to do the same, then get together for a potluck dinner prepared from only these ingredients and whatever else you have on hand.

Make decisions about and write out your will. Spend some time thinking about what you want to happen to your personal assets when you die, particularly in terms of the personal mementos that you want others to have and where you want the value of your estate to go. Do you want it all to stay with family members?

Do you want to remember a charity? Do a household maintenance walk-through. Go through your home and look for any little maintenance tasks that need to be done.

Do filters need to be replaced?

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Are there any burnt-out light bulbs? Start or join a fantasy sports league. You can go to Yahoo! Organize a self-guided walking tour.


Pack a lunch in your backpack and have a picnic on the village green or in the park. You can easily turn this into a full day if you live in a compelling area.

Teach yourself how to knit.You've been spinning for You've been spinning for Are you bored? Want something fun to do? Check out these funny websites, pointless facts and stupid pictures brought to you by Pointless Sites! Check out our list of ways of good things to do on the internet to make a difference.

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How much do you know?

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