Overcoming obstacles in a diverse workplace essay

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Overcoming obstacles in a diverse workplace essay

Productivity 4 Tips For Overcoming Obstacles Overcoming obstacles is hard but wonderfully gratifying. Here's how you can identify and tackle the most challenging and surprising obstructions.

KevinJDaum If achieving goals were easy, everyone would do it quickly and without difficulty. Even if your vision is clear and you can articulate a detailed destinythere are always obstacles in the path.

Overcoming obstacles in a diverse workplace essay

It's the joy and journey of clearing those obstacles that makes life rich, and helps people feel truly accomplished when they finally reach their pinnacle of success. While on a three-week trip to Vietnam, I decided to tackle two of my biggest personal challenges.

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I committed to both of these goals this year in my preferred futuring process from last fall. First, I wanted to get a handle on learning Vietnamese. As strange and ambitious as that sounds, I wanted to communicate with my new mother-in-law.

Plus, I figure it might be fun to finally know what my new family is actually saying about me. The second challenge was that I could stand to lose 35 lbs. At my age of 48, travel, exercise, and dietary changes don't come easy.


Here's how I finally blew past the obstacles in my way for the last 18 months. First, it helps to understand that obstacles come in three different flavors: External Obstacles--These are obstacles outside of your control such as the economy, natural disasters, physical limitations, and the political climate.

Internal Obstacles--These obstacles are generally one-time issues but you have direct control over them, such as debt, cash flow, time availability, needed skills or talent. Habitual Obstacles--These obstacles reflect how people get in their own way.

They can only be removed with behavioral change. To overcome obstacles business or personal, you must master these areas: Embrace Self-Awareness If you don't see the obstacle or believe it's a hindrance, you'll never reach your goals, blaming everything and everyone but the person responsible.

This is particularly obstructive to resolving Habitual Obstacles. I realized my own prioritization was keeping me from what I needed to do. I could easily blame time as my enemy, but the enemy was actually my semi-conscious, daily rationalization that making money was almost always more important than health or learning.

Once I admitted that my own prioritization was misguided, I made the necessary adjustments in my behavior. You must learn to manage your impatience and be ready when the smoke clears. The harder the obstacle, the more time it will take to overcome.

enhance workplace diversity • To identify most frequently encountered barriers for accepting workplace diversity • To identify strategies to increase inclusiveness • To find out ways to increase awareness about work-place diversity Sample and Sampling Technique The units selected for the study consisted of employees in IT organizations. Equity is the ability to recognize the differences in the resources or knowledge needed to allow individuals to fully participate in society, including access to higher education, with the goal of overcoming obstacles to ensure fairness (Kranich, ). quotes have been tagged as overcoming-obstacles: George Bernard Shaw: ‘People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't belie.

Set a preliminary schedule with clear milestones so you can track forward or backward progress.Diversity in the group can encourage individuals to work together getting the best from their relationship creating interdependent high-performance innovating teams.

A key consideration are the risks associated with not adapting a diversity policy within the quality management system of the corporation. Challenges of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: 29 Experts Reveal the Biggest Challenges Employers Face Everyday (and How to Overcome Them) Last Updated: July 6, Diveristy is a prominent challenge facing businesses today.

Equity is the ability to recognize the differences in the resources or knowledge needed to allow individuals to fully participate in society, including access to higher education, with the goal of overcoming obstacles to ensure fairness (Kranich, ). Overcoming Obstacles period, overcoming certain obstacles has been part of the human life cycle and is still present in the modern day.

The Medieval period in which Hamlet took place demonstrates one character trying to overcome not only one obstacle, but many. Overcoming Obstacles. Life does not always go smoothly.

If you think about how you would handle these problems in advance, you will be able to cope with them and continue your job and education. The diversity with regards to languages can be somewhat of a hindrance in terms of regional market size. This challenge is often overcome, though, by focusing on online business, which doesn’t.

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