Signature capture in siebel

Retrieved Sep 21 from https: Siebel Systems will be the first major eBusiness application provider to offer packaged vertical solutions that include signature capture to address legal, regulatory and consumer requirements. The replacement of paper signatures with legally signed and secured electronic forms will increase efficiency of pharmaceutical reps and save money by eliminating paper processes. Siebel Systems intends to incorporate PenOp signature software in other vertical applications including solutions for financial services, insurance and consumer packaged goods.

Signature capture in siebel

What are the Security features that you have enabled in Datapower? Create SSL proxy profile as shown below. This can be either referred in proxy settings or set dynamically using routing-ssl-profile variable Server to which Datapower acts as client will share its certificate to Datapower Client.

Using certificate shared, a crypto certificate object is created. Crypto Validation credentials created using crypto certificate object will be included in crypto profile. What is an XML Manager and why do we need it?

An XML Manager provides the following capabilities Basic network configuration, such as load balancing and accessing remote servers. How do you test your Datapower Services? What kind of troubleshooting have you done in datapower?

We use probe to capture the ongoingtransactions with respect to a service. We can also set the log level to debug mode in Troubleshooting Panel. We can make use of Log targets and Log Categories especially in Prod, as we are not supposed to enable the probe in production.

We have a default log file under logtemp directory in the file management, which will have all the logs with respect to a domain If we have to customize the log files, we create log targets We can save the logs in a file on the DP Appliance itself under logstore or logtemp directory We can also save the logs in an external server.

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What is a Processing Rule? Every DP service will have a processing policy and every policy will have processing rules. Request rule to handle request messages Response rule to handle response messages Error Rule to handle error scenarios How do you Implement Dynamic Routing in Datapower? If so, rate yourself in the scale of Yes.

I would rate myself as Difference between Apply-template and Call-template? We can use the select attribute to specify the order in which the child nodes are processed.

In terms of raw performance xsl: You execute exactly one named template, usually with one or more parameters. Difference between Copy and Copy-of? Namespace nodes of the current node are automatically copied as well, but child nodes and attributes of the current node are not automatically copied!

Namespace nodes, child nodes, and attributes of the current node are automatically copied as well! What are the Datapower Variables? The local context does not persist beyond the scope of the transaction. A transaction can include both a request component and a response component.

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The local context cannot be accessed by any object outside the scope of the transaction. In other words, a service cannot read and use the variable. Service — mention any service variable for ex: What is a Passthrough Service? How do you handle Error scenarios?This is the second installment of the blog series on TokuDB and PerconaFT data files.

Signature capture in siebel

You can find my previous post here. In this post we will discuss some common file maintenance operations and how to safely execute these operations. Best Enterprise Content Management Software 33 Enterprise content management (ECM) is a set of tools and methods that allows a corporation, agency or organization to obtain, organize, store and deliver information crucial to its operation.

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Siebel Reports - Version [] and later Information in this document applies to any platform. ***Checked for relevance on NOV*** Symptoms. Siebel BI Publisher Reports that display signature (captured using Signature Capture feature in Siebel) fail to generate.

How to Reproduce 1. Tech Mahendra QTP interview questions for experienced 1) have u ever involved in Test planning Ans) yes i have involved, Test plan is a document which gives the overall direction to the testing.

Signature capture is supported on tablet PCs using Windows XP on versions , , and See Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network for information about which operating systems and devices are supported with the current release of Siebel Pharma.

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