Surface level deep level diversity

Simon Moss Overview Numerous studies have examined the implications of observable differences between individuals in teams or workgroups--differences in ethnicity, gender, and age, for example. However, recent studies suggest that unobservable differences, which are often perceived rather than objective, also affect cohesion and productivity. Rather than examine the effects of deep level diversity, some researchers examine the impact of deep level dissimilarity--the extent to which individuals feel they diverge from other members of their workgroup on unobservable characteristics, such as personality, values, and attitudes. Research into diversity and dissimilarity share some key properties.

Surface level deep level diversity

Presidency after what many have described as the most divisive primary and general election process in history has brought us a great example of the complex makeup of diversity. Those among the 62 million plus Americans who supported the President are pleased with his quick actions to keep some of his many campaign promises, while the over 65 million Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton are fearful our republic is coming to an end.

The popular vote victory of Mrs.

Surface level deep level diversity

Clinton has many on the left side of the political spectrum screaming that Trump is illegitimate, along with the potential that Russia worked to get him elected. However, for his supporters, the same behaviors make him a charismatic, straight-talking representative of the people. Our great diversity will drive strong opinions and manifestation of those opinions can result in great examples of how our varying points of view as a people can be represented.

Surface level diversity is defined as the characteristics that we can notice about each other that distinguish us. Deep level diversity by definition are the differences in beliefs, values, attitudes, etc. Wade decision in The media coverage of these two events suggests a differing level of appreciation of the deep level diversity that makes up the marchers who came out to support two equally important causes and have their voices heard.

Diversity is about the differences between people, whereas inclusion is the process of incorporating all of those differences. PSU, Considering the electoral process, outcome and subsequent behaviors from each side of the political spectrum during this Presidential election many are left wondering if we can be an inclusive society.

An inclusive society by definition would appreciate the goals of each of these marches and while we may not completely appreciate the methods and language used during each march we should honor the rights of those involved having their individual and collective voices heard.

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Surface level deep level diversity

Deep level diversity. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A recent example of where surface and deep level diversity can be seen is in the Women’s March on Washington and the March for Life Surface level diversity is defined as the characteristics that we can notice about each other that distinguish us.

Specifically, team orientation helped to neutralize the negative effects of surface‐level (gender) diversity on relationship conflict. In a similar manner, team processes worked to weaken the deleterious effects of deep‐level diversity (time urgency) on relationship conflict.

Surface-level diversity, relationship conflict, and the moderating effect of team orientation Diversity is an umbrella term for the extent to which members of a team are dissimilar (heterogeneous).

Surface level diversity To understand why diversity is a good practice for manager, we need to distinguish the 2 different types of diversity.

Surface level diversity refers to characteristics that are observable or readily detectable attributes such as race, gender, or physical disability (Mor Barak, ).

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