The design of a voltmeter ammeter using pic microcontroller

SG is an integrated switching regulator circuit that has all essential circuitry required for making a switching regulator in single ended or push-pull mode.

The design of a voltmeter ammeter using pic microcontroller

Each transistor can handle up to 5A and six of them result an total output current of 30A. You can increase or reduce the number of TIPs to get higher or lower current outputs.

In this design the IC delivers about mA. A 1 amp fuse is connected after the LM to protect the IC against high current transients. The transistors and the 12V regulator IC both require adequate heatsinking.

When the load current is high, the power dissipation of each transistor also increases so excess heat may cause the transistors to fail.

Digital DC watt meter circuit & project using pic microcontroller

Then you will need a very large heatsink or fan cooling. The bridge rectifier diodes must be capable of passing at least amps. Notes The input transformer is likely to be the most expensive part of the entire project.

As an alternative, a couple of 12 Volt car batteries could be used.

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The input voltage to the regulator must be at least several volts higher than the output voltage 12V so that the regulator can maintain its output. If a transformer is used, then the rectifier diodes must be capable of passing a very high peak forward current, typically amps or more.

The IC will only pass 1 amp or less of the output current, the remainder being supplied by the outboard pass transistors.

The design of a voltmeter ammeter using pic microcontroller

As the circuit is designed to handle loads of up to 30 amps, then six TIP are wired in parallel to meet this demand. The dissipation in each power transistor is one sixth of the total load, but adequate heat sinking is still required.

Maximum load current will generate maximum dissipation, so a very large heat sink is required. In considering a heat sink, it may be a good idea to look for either a fan or water cooled heat sink. In the event that the power transistors should fail, then the regulator would have to supply full load current and would fail with catastrophic results.

A 1 amp fuse in the regulators output prevents a safeguard. The mohm load is for test purposes only and should not be included in the final circuit. A simulated performance is shown below: To summarize, the sum of the currents entering a junction, must equal the current leaving the junction, and the voltages around a loop must equal zero.

For example, in the diagram above, the input voltage is 24 volts. Each power transistor contributes around 4. The base current is about mA per transistor.

The design of a voltmeter ammeter using pic microcontroller

A DC current gain of 35 at a collector current of 6 amp is required.Simple PWM inverter circuit using SG This PWM inverter circuit has 12V input, V output and watt output power. Output power can be extended. I finally got round to making my capacitor ESR tester this week after finding a nice simple 5 transistor version.

Unfortunately, for me, the design was only SMD so, I decided to replicate his schematic in Eagle PCB using a through hole component design. Interfacing of LCD plays a significant role in wide range of digital display applications such as Voltmeter, Ammeter, Locker etc.

But many times we find it difficult to interface and program the LCD properly to make it display our desired ashio-midori.comh this post i am going to explains about programming lcd and interfacing it in 4 bit and 8 bit mode with a Microcontroller and. ePanorama - Software and tools section.

The Hardware Book v The Hardware Book contains miscellaneous technical information about computers and other electronic devices. Electronics Assistant Electronics Assistant is a small program designed to perform basic electronics-related calculations. It includes a resistor colour code calculator, resistor, capacitor and potential divider calculators.

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