The service concept

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The service concept

The Concept of Service Marketing by Neil Kokemuller - Updated September 26, Service marketing has increased in importance in the 21st century thanks to growth in the service sector of the U. More companies are offering intangible service solutions that require expanded marketing consideration beyond conventional product marketing.

However, services marketing requires consideration of three additional marketing elements as well. Service Marketing Characteristics Before addressing the three additional elements of the service marketing mix, you have to understand the traits that make services different from products.

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The Learn Marketing website outlines the five unique characteristics of services. The first, lack of ownership, signifies that service consumers do not receive a tangible good to own. This relates to the second basic service trait, intangibility.

Inseparability explains that service delivery is not separate from the provider. Fourth, services eventually perish, while goods have a shelf life.

Fifth, the characteristic of heterogeneity shows that services are hard to deliver consistently. People In the 21st century, the Extended Marketing Mix concept has been popularized thanks to tremendous growth in the U.

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The fifth P is people. Knowledge workers, other employees and management all add to the value of a product and service, or service-only offering, notes the Value Based Management website.

The service concept

The quality of the provider affects service marketing as much as the actual service. Process Part of marketing centers on maintaining long-term relationships with loyal customers. To do this, companies need to have well-established and consistent service processes.

Timely and accurate delivery of services within stated terms is vital. Tools and communication used in customer retention programs are important as well. Retailers, for instance, must have systems in place to fulfill commitments of fast and friendly service.

Without defined processes for employees to follow, consistently delivery is challenging, notes Learn Marketing. Physical Evidence A final critical service marketing element is physical evidence. This is directly tied to the service characteristic of intangibility. With products, your customers can look at, touch and feel your offering.

To provide a similar experience, some physical evidence to validate service delivery is an important marketing consideration.

If you provide lawn care service, your physical evidence of a quality service delivery is the neatly cut and manicured lawn.

In a restaurant, your physical evidence of service is cleanliness, efficient food preparation and a friendly, courteous server.

The service concept

Without these proofs, customer retention and word of mouth are poor.CONCEPT CONCRETE SERVICES ALL OF METROPOLITAN MELBOURNE. *Conditions subject to the Domestic Building Contract for Minor Works apply to all contracts entered into with Concept Concrete. A new study from agency Wunderman examines how brands can achieve new engagement criteria that it's calling "wantedness." It's defined by the agency as, "the degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customer's business across every touch point and throughout the en.

May 01,  · The service concept is an important way of capturing the nature of a service so that customers know what they are getting and staff understand what they are providing.

The service concept can also be used to help develop new services. Sep 08,  · LB&I International Practice Service Concept Unit Shelf N/A Business Outbound Volume 3 FTC Management UIL Code Part Accessing FSI Level 2 UIL Support for the latest performance monitor, the PM5, for your Concept2 indoor rower, SkiErg or BikeErg.

Including info on retrofitting to an older model. 2) "Service Concept" as a value proposition for the customer. In this case, the service concept is trying to turn concrete the idea of the service. This view is developed in USA.

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