Wittgensteins context principle essay

Wittgenstein was concerned with the relation between language and the world and the logical and mathematical ramifications of this relation Bunnin and YuBlackburn In the Tractatus, Wittgenstein asserted that in order to describe reality, logic is necessary, but not sufficient and, in so doing, put forth what has come to be known as the picture theory of meaning Rohmann In his picture theory of meaning, Wittgenstein argued that language mirrors reality. However, Wittgenstein was not concerned with ontology, per se.

Wittgensteins context principle essay

The comparison immediately presents enormous difficulties since Wittgenstein was never a hegelian and the only brief remark confessed to M. In other words, it is impossible to prove that Wittgenstein has been influenced by Hegel.

This seems not to have discouraged D.

Wittgenstein's place in twentieth-century analytic philosophy, P.M.S. Hacker

Lamb who in attempted the comparison at issue, taking into consideration language and perception in both authors. His aim was not to show that Wittgenstein was in any way influenced by Hegel, rather to what extent the linguistic revolution was bounded up to the hegelian or neo-hegelian tradition, against which it originally defined itself.

As a consequence, the comparison in not intended to be Wittgensteins context principle essay. Furthermore, two remarks are to be made concerning the purposes of this paper. Firstly, Lamb is really careful in stating that the affinities between the authors can involve just the so called later Wittgenstein: I intend to go against this tendency in order to show that Tractatus logico-philosophicus is as much a valid element for this comparison.

Secondly, it is important not to forget about differences while drawing affinities in order to maintain the two authors connected but separated at the same time. In this guise possible tendencies to assimilate one author to the other will be prevented.

About the content of this paper, I will be taking into consideration the connection between The Phenomenology of Spirit with the Science of Logic on one side, and the Tractatus on the other side, focusing on a few aspects: The first part of this paper will be talking about the speculative proposition in Phenomenology and, on the other hand, on logical propositions of Tractatus.

The former is defined as what destroys the form of judgement which can be identified as the limit of language and how can be investigated in its connection with logic. On the other hand tautology and contradiction are said to be the limiting cases where the combination of signs dissolve, showing a connection with logic, which we will outline.

The extent of the analogy will be drawn in the fact that both speculative proposition and logical propositions can be considered as limits of language. We will see the consequences of this.

The second part of the paper will be investigating the role of logic. We will be tracing its role in Tractatus in its connection with language.

Wittgenstein’s Picture Theory of Meaning | Christopher Hurtado

Then we will be taking into consideration proposition 5. Broad in der Cambridger Philosophie manifestieren konnte und auf welchen Wegen dieses von Wittgenstein rezipiert wurde. Broad und dessen Vorlesungen sich tiefer mit Hegels Philosophie vertraut macht. Apparently, their treatment of the concept of Wirklichkeit overlaps, somehow.

Wittgensteins context principle essay

More precisely, I believe that the Wittgensteinian perspective necessarily presupposes the Hegelian one; put another way: For this reason, a large section of my paper shall show the sundry phases which the progressive determination of the Hegelian world consists in.

Formal possibility is the first stage we encounter in dealing with the process of coming to be actual by the world.This essay’s aim is to investigate whether there can be a connection between Hegel’s and Wittgenstein's philosophy.

Wittgensteins context principle essay

usually acknowledge it, there is in the Tractatus a critic of logical atomism (of Russell) and the endorsement of the context’s principle of Frege. But can we go further? dass Wittgensteins Logisch-philosophische.

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